sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

MBLAQ no Brasil

Então, não tenho muito o que falar por que o evento foi muito mal organizado,mas ao menos pude conversar e tirar fotos com a Nina e com a Mari ;.;

So, I don´t have much to say about it ´Cause the event was too disogarnized, but at least I could talk and take pictures with Nina and Mari;.;

Vicky , Nina & Mari

Me & Nina

Mari & Me





Too much...

Até o próximo post ;33

Kiss Kiss

See you on the next post ;33

Kiss Kiss


みえーちゃん disse...

thanks for your comment on my last entry♥
im back from japan and if you want you can have a look at my blog-i would be super happy!!
your blog is adorable and you seem to have much fun!!
like the pictures of the eye make up!
does "mari" wear no falshe lashes?! her lashes looks sooo looong!!! amazing :o

Leticia disse...

Adorei as fotos!
não vejo a hora de comprar mais lentes como

Beeeijos ;*

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